Rumors swirl around embattled special prosecutor Robert Mueller and his mysterious flight into Westchester airport on July 27th- a flight that was not listed on his official schedule.

Mueller’s office has refused all media requests for an explanation.  The public, who pay his salary, only found out because a Politico reporter happened to see him hiding behind a newspaper at Reagan airport.   []

Why was Mueller, with access to all the resources of the FBI and no budget accountability flying out of the obscure “X” terminal, hidden down an escalator at the back of the building?

Sources claim that Mueller wasn’t penny-pinching – the trip could have been a secret trip, off the books, to negotiate a deal with Hillary Clinton.

Westchester airport is a ten-minute drive from one of the Clintons’ many homes.  (Ironically, this is the same home that held the private email server.)

Sources are mum about the content of this supposed meeting, but following the shock Podesta flip, many experts suspect an immunity deal. It is possible – even likely – that such a deal has already been inked, and remains under seal.

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