President Trump addressed the nation about the need for a border wall and continues his resistance to re-opening the government for any less than $5.7 billion to fund the wall.

The effects of the shutdown are becoming more and more tangible as federal employees go without pay. TSA agents are calling in sick, crippling airport security at major airports, and major national parks have closed after visitors trashed landmarks while the parks were minimally staffed.

Plus, new polling shows nearly half of voters place the blame for the shutdown squarely with Trump.

Now with news that Trump’s full-court press, including traveling to border town McAllen, is all a scheme choreographed by his aides, we have to wonder: Is someone within the White House trying to sabotage Trump by giving him bad advice on handling the border wall?

If half of Americans are blaming him for sticking to his campaign promise to secure our border, surely something has gone awry.

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