So bets on who wrote that fairly shocking Daily Caller op-ed applauding Trump’s political games over the budget and encouraging him to use the shutdown to massively gut government?

Does it smell like Jared…or Ivanka? Surely not his own flesh-and-blood would be so cowardly as to hide behind an anonymous op-ed, right?

Is this Kellyanne, lashing out behind a mask at her never-Trumper husband?

Second Lady Karen Pence made headlines this week for her new teaching job at a school the liberals love to bash for their traditional family values. Is her husband scared of rocking the boat by speaking publicly, but secretly cheering on the economic hardship hundreds of thousands of federal workers are facing?

Or maybe it’s a Cabinet officials, sick of being questioned about buying expensive furniture or engaging in what seems an awful lot like pay-to-play politics with industry lobbyists, who would rather those pesky civil servants who make up their agencies indefinitely stayed home.

Inquiring minds want to know! Who do you think wrote the op-ed?

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